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About AKS

AKS Lifting Equipment B.V. is specialized in the Worldwide trade in used Material Handling machines that are used for recycling, scrap and harbor activities. The machines are bought from all over Europe and, after a thorough inspection and overhaul, are being sold or rented out worldwide. With many years of worldwide experience, AKS guarantees a fair machine for a fair price.

About us

AKS Full Service

AKS distinguishes itself from others by its thorough approach during the purchasing and repairing process. With our focus on detail, AKS truly adds value to its products and services. In order to keep our high standard, each machine is first extensively inspected before purchase. This way, there are no surprises and you know what to expect when machines come to the workshop in Amersfoort (The Netherlands).

The machine is overhauled on the basis of the inspection carried out. What is not good is repaired or replaced and a maintenance check is carried out. The machine is also repainted or eventually painted in customer colors, so that it is also optically in good condition again and ready for a second life.

In addition, AKS is also specialized in advising in the possibilities of machine application, grabs, or other attachments. We offer a Brand-independent advice, always keeping in mind the customer’s perspective.

Get to know our team and our products. Call or email us if you want to buy orsell a machine.

Meet the AKS team

William van der Kleij

Director, Co-owner

Paul Helming

Paul Helmink

Commercieel Manager